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Welcome to the Coaching Manual!
Susan C. Hastings, President, Creative Communications

It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce you to my Coaching Manual. This valuable tool synthesizes 25 years of experience from my seminars, consulting, therapy and coaching practice. Having used this manual myself very successfully for years, my own coach, Terri Levine, encouraged me to offer its pages of wisdom to other coaches and their clients.

This unique manual provides a one-on-one coaching program, and is designed for any coach who wants a full program for their clients, while still providing the freedom to incorporate their own style. This tool is an added resource for you AND your clients to use to maximize the benefits of the coaching experience.


Before I go into more detail below about what you will
receive, have a look at what Terri Levine had to say when she got her

Creative Communications Center Coaching Manual

WOW!!!! I just received your coaching manual and I am blown away! EXTRAordinary!!

I have never seen a coaching currciculum as complete as this - in fact, not even close! I wish I had had a manual like this when I began my coaching and even now, as an experienced coach, there are many sections in this manual which I intend to use in my own coaching! I love the way I can use your manual when I want a specific module and curriculum, and yet still be able to use my own style and experience at the same time. Truly AWESOME!

Terri Levine, CEO
Comprehensive Coaching Inc.

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These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy through my manual:

  • Time Savings – this manual provides every tool you’ll need for your prospective, new and ongoing clients, all in one place – no more hunting around for individual tests and exercises. I’ve also given you tips and hints on how you can best and most effectively utilize the sections. Time is money and you’ll save both!

  • Better Organization – this manual offers a structured approach to clients and also enables you to mix and match different exercises to fit varying client needs.

  • Sustained Client Interaction – this manual offers a systematic methodology for the client-coach relationship – through these pages, you will tailor a customized approach to each client, deliver steady feedback and offer results-oriented consultation and exercises. These are key features to retaining your clients.

  • High Quality – this manual is a blend of curriculum, theory and experience. I have taken an experiential approach to coaching - offering pragmatic and practical tools, grounded in the latest coaching and esteem building research and practices.

  • Increased Professional Confidence – these methods are tried and true and the manual is comprehensive – I have used and updated this manual consistently throughout my practice and it has been reviewed and highly acclaimed by colleagues in the field – you are holding one of the most comprehensive coaching manuals in the business!

As a coach, you will be the primary user of this manual (which also includes my own Coaching Model as well as coaching to the different DISC styles); however, it is specifically designed with client-based exercises to help you guide your clients through the coaching process.

If you are using this Coaching Manual as a personal/professional guide for yourself, you will be your own coach! I think you will see how the exercises support that personal approach as well as that of the coach/client.

While I have been certified in many coaching models (including William Glasser’s Reality Therapy and RealTime Coaching and a member of Coach University), through the years I have found the need to access all models in my repertoire, and cater them according to my clients’ needs. Herein, you’ll find a broad array of techniques that can be used ways that are most appropriate for each individual client or group. There is no particular science to utilizing this manual. Its strength is that it allows you the flexibility to deliver its tools through your own style, skills and intuition.

As a quick overview, here are a few ways I find the manual most helpful in my practice:

  1. Always ask clients to fill out and fax the first exercise and goal setting pages (from Personal Information through My Goal To Reach My Vision). People unused to personal introspection may have trouble with a few of the pages; you can always ask them to complete only those items with which they feel comfortable. If they can’t focus on goals yet, ask them to fax you just the pages ending with the Balancing Wheels. At minimum, this information is very helpful background on a client before the first session and provides an excellent launch to the coaching relationship.

  2. Always ask clients to complete the DISC and Values assessments before our first coaching session (ideally) or immediately after. It is a great way to start any coaching connection as it piques clients’ immediate curiosity in learning about themselves. Included in the purchase of this manual are the online codes for you to take your own assessments and better understand how your clients can derive the greatest benefit from them. I also offer you a complimentary one-hour coaching session to teach you this information as well as address any other questions you may have about the manual.

  3. Subsequent to these two starting points, I encourage you to use your own intuition, depending upon your clients’ most pressing needs. Sometimes your engagement with them will benefit from exercises in Communication Skills, Time Mastery, or Coping & Stress. Sometimes it’s simply their own personal life that is crying for attention.

  4. Having clients do some or all of the exercises in the Coping & Stress section can be helpful, even if clients haven’t yet completed the formal assessment. Here they will discover or rediscover helpful information about their priorities as well as their stressors.

  5. I have found the Vision to Reality section to be extremely important and often will have clients work on that section periodically through our coaching time together. As with any situation, of course, use your intuition to determine the appropriate value of any given method.

  6. The Goal Setting & Action Plans module can be used in conjunction with the Vision to Reality section or alone. However, I always want my clients to read the information in both sections before they start finalizing their goals. I often will have them start with the Vision to Reality section to get them thinking about all that is involved in actually having their Vision become their Reality and then have them go on to finalizing their goals. (Feel free to make extra copies of the worksheets for your clients). You may want to change the sequence - as with any of the manual, you can create your own flow and adjust exercises to suit your needs.

As my own clients comment, this manual is an extremely helpful and
productive tool for their development through our coaching process.

The Creative Communications Center Coaching Manual curriculum includes:

Module 1:

  1. Coaching Agreement
  2. Personal Information
  3. Welcome to Coaching!
  4. How to Have Your Vision Become Your Reality
  5. Getting to Know You, an in-depth questionnaire
  6. Balance Wheel
  7. My Goals to Reach My Vision
  8. What Do I Value?

Module 2:*

DISC Behavioral Assessment

Module 3:*

Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment

Module 4:*

Coaching to DISC:

  • Coaching Techniques
  • Coaching strategies for each DISC style

Module 5:*


  • Listening – how to listen so others will talk
  • Confrontation – how to talk so others will listen
  • Win/Win Problem Solving – how to resolve conflicts so everyone wins
  • Resolving Values Collisions – how to choose options from least to most risk to the relationship

Module 6:*

Time Mastery Assessment

Module 7:*

Coping & Stress Assessment

* The Assessment modules have in-depth resource
materials as well as additional exercises.

Module 8:

  1. From Vision to Reality
    • Vision – what do you want in your life?
    • Current Reality – assessing the current reality of your life
    • Plan – closing the gap between vision and current reality
    • Accountability – setting benchmarks to monitor progress
  2. Visualizations
  3. Affirmations

Module 9:

  1. The Goal Setting Process
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
    • Actions
    • Skills
    • Results
    • Measurement
    • Key Elements of a Goal Statement
  2. Action Planning Worksheet
The DISC Behavior and Values assessments and Time Mastery as well as Coping & Stress Paper Instrument on-line assessments are part of this program. Creative Communications Center will provide the codes for you and your clients to go on-line to receive detailed profiles that will provide helpful information about themselves – their strengths as well as opportunities for growth. As their coach, this is extremely helpful for you to know, so you can more effectively guide them to achieve their vision.

Email to receive codes for the four assessments. If you have any questions, call Susan Hastings at 1-800-733-9349.

You may also set up a coaching session with Susan to go over the manual with you, as well as to teach you more about the assessments. This can be done before you start using the manual with your clients and/or you may have support coaching calls at any time during the process of your coaching.

How: Through a series of phone or in-person conferences and on-going resource support, you will guide your clients through the process and provide them with materials and assignments they will complete during your work together.

  1. You will work with your clients in what they need to know to take critical steps to have their lives be what they want them to be.
  2. You will help your clients identify and develop the skills they need that are critical for them to achieve their vision.
  3. You will assist your clients in discovering ways to build better relationships in all areas of their lives – work, home, community – and with themselves.

The results for your clients will be equally as impressive, assisting them to focus on their priorities and provide a will to act on them.

No more going around in circles or wondering what the next step should be. This manual takes the guesswork out of it for you and leads you through an effective and proven process that will make the world of difference to your coaching.

It's one thing to get your license and it's another to actually get out there in the traffic and drive your car if you don't know where you're going or how to get there. Now there is no need for you to coach "blind" – get this manual and you will always know where you're going and how to get there with your clients.

Read what Susan Hastings clients are saying about this coaching manual:

Susie, I have read the manual and love it! Thank you so much. The DISC and the time management assessments are of great interest to me. I would like to take them and learn how I might incorporate them into my coaching practice. I especially like the exercises on goal setting and values. You have done a great job creating a very useful tool. Thank you! All the best!

Pat Green
President - Performance Coaching Inc.

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"The Creative Communication Center’s Coaching Manual is an excellent resource for coaches. The combination of the workbook content, personal assessments, and learning activities is a powerful coaching curriculum designed to translate a client's objectives into results. This manual can stand alone as a comprehensive coaching program, or be integrated into a customized solution for a client. Never before have I seen a coaching product so useful to create immediate and lasting success for the coach and client."

Alex Jaccaci, CCC, COC
President, Growth Curve Associates

"I found the manual to be very helpful in getting me to clarify my true goals and to have a concrete plan for meeting my goals. It has already profoundly affected my thinking. In one session we were able to discuss the results of my DISC, focus on the two essential areas that I need to address to move forward in any aspect of my life and identified concrete steps and associated assignments to complete. I have already adjusted my very heavy schedule of things to do which has allowed me to more deeply address my core goals."

Lydia Leeds, Office of Safety
Federal Railroad Administration

The Creative Communications Center manual is really all about getting in touch with yourself.

One of the initial exercises in the manual that I found most enlightening was looking at what was keeping me from getting the results I want in my life. Doing this is very cathartic and help us focus on the underlying causes of stress that preclude us from focusing on where we want to take our lives.

Another impressive element of the Coaching Manual was the DISC Profile. Although I had previously taken this assessment, the results are now presented in a new way. There is a lengthy narrative of exactly what makes one "tick." It is bull's-eye perfect and extremely helpful in understanding oneself and how best to interact with others.

Then, there was the Values assessment. It clearly illustrated what matters most to me in life. There were no major surprises, but it validates, on a continuum, how I view life, what brings me the most solace as well as what is least meaningful to me.

I truly believe I am on my way to being happier than ever before and, potentially acquiring a substantial amount of money in the process.

Merrily Larkin
US Avon

As a former coaching client of Susie’s, her coaching manual gave me a sense and real comfort that there was an overall framework that we were following in our coaching relationship, and that within that framework, there was a lot of flexibility to focus on what was important to me. I still refer to the manual from time to time to refocus myself on my vision and values. The simplicity of the materials makes it easy to take what you need, when you need it. Being a lover of “forms”, exercises, and homework, I found the materials just great to work with. As a coach, I appreciate Susie’s thoughtful and thorough manual which gracefully deepens a client’s learning and moves their action forward. The tone of the materials is supportive, clear and concise. A manual like this can save a coach hours of development time and months of trial and error. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t need to?

Michele F. Occhiogrosso,
Life and Business Coach
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Member of International Coach Federation

Your investment for the Creative Communications Center Coaching Manual:

  1. $299 One copy with white vinyl binder & table of contents tabs (plus shipping & handling)
  2. $229 for 2-4 copies (plus shipping & handling)
  3. $199 for 5 - 10 copies (plus shipping & handling)
  4. NEW!! Order the supplement pages of the Leadership Institute to add to the Coaching Manual: $229.
    • This includes:
      - Vision,
      - Mission,
      - Values,
      - Facilitation Skills
      - Sample Agenda and Guide

    Order both the Coaching and Leadership Institute manuals at the same time $549

    To purchase the Coaching and Leadership Institute Manuals
    together at a special package price, ==> click here <==

    Free Enhancements

    Every Leadership Manual includes -

    • One free hour of intensive coaching - to help customize the program and insure that goals are realistic and sustainable;

    • Sample Program Agenda – day and hourly two page agenda;

    • Sample Facilitators Guide - more indepth to help you understand the best ways to move your group through the process.

    Recommended companion products:

    These supplemental assessments can be helpful as you move into
    advanced facilitation and performance coach your clients
    ==> please click here to contact me for pricing information <==

    On line, web based and paper instrument:

    1. ==> Web based Disc Behavior Profile <==
    2. ==> Web based Workplace Motivators <==
    3. ==> Web based Time Mastery <==
    4. ==> Paper instrument Coping & Stress <==


    Purchased separately, these assessments would cost $210.00,
    but if you order them all together here,
    we will give you a 25% discount, giving a total of $157.50.

    To learn how to become a distributor for these assessments, email Susan
    at to set up a time to talk.

    Order your Creative Communications Center Coaching Manual
    (plus shipping & handling)

    To purchase the Coaching and Leadership Institute Manuals
    together at a special package price, ==> click here <==

    Creative Communications Coaching Manual

    To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

    With white vinyl binder & table of contents tabs

    US Delivery 1 copy at $299.00 (plus $15 shipping & handling)

    NON-US Delivery 1 copy at $299.00 (plus $25 shipping & handling)

    US Delivery 2-4 copies at $229.00 Each (plus $15 shipping & handling)

    NON-US Delivery 2-4 copies at $229.00 Each (plus $15 shipping & handling)

    US Delivery 5-10 copies at $199.00 Each (plus $15 shipping & handling)

    NON-US Delivery 5-10 copies at $199.00 Each (plus $25 shipping & handling)

    For quantities greater than 10,
    please [ click here ] to contact Susan Hastings

    Additional Manual Binders

    To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

    With white vinyl binder & table of contents tabs.

    US Delivery $25.00 Each (plus $5 shipping & handling)

    NON-US Delivery $25.00 Each (plus $10 shipping & handling)

    **Enhancement Product** Order the supplement pages of the
    Leadership Institute to add to the Coaching Manual

    **Add On Offer** Order the reccomended Assessments to the
    Coaching Manual in specially priced (25% off) bundle

    On-line DISC Behavior Profile, On-line Work Motivators, On-line Time Mastery, Paper Instrument Coping & Stress Assessment Bundle

    To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

    US Delivery $157.50 per bundle (plus $5 shipping & handling)

    US Delivery $157.50 per bundle (plus $10 shipping & handling)

    Order the supplement pages of the Leadership Institute to add to the Coaching Manual

    To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

    US Delivery $229.00 (plus $10 shipping & handling)

    NON-US Delivery $229.00 (plus $15 shipping & handling)

    If you would like to:

    • request more information about the Creative Communications Center Coaching Manual

    Please use the link below to send us an email or telephone: 800-733-9349.

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