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Leadership Institute Manual

Does your workplace need revived leadership?
If so, YOU may be the answer…

Leadershipe & Team BuildingWhether you are enrolled in one of my Leadership Institutes or have simply decided to revolutionize the work environment on your own, I’ve created this manual for you. Built from 25 years of experience with companies of all styles and sizes, this manual is a guidebook for workplace success - an extremely productive tool for the cultivation and development of thoughtful, competent, motivated leaders and team enhancers.

I invite you to consider the Leadership Institute Manual – its distinctive benefits, proven modules and assessments, and its impact on companies. There are many leadership guides out there. This is considered, quite simply, to be one of the most effective in the business. Given these features, your investment in this foundational resource is quite modest – less than a half-day individual professional development session – yet it can be used to influence any number of team members under your immediate supervision or company-wide!


  • Turn-Key Efficiency – You have everything you need to efficiently implement one of the most effective leadership programs in the country. I’ve given you the tools, timetable, assessments, exercises and tips to immediately begin to build leadership and winning teams within your organization.

  • Greater Influence & Respect in the Workplace – You’ll cultivate your own key leadership skills, determine how to best and most positively exercise your power, and generate employee loyalty and productivity.

  • Understand Your Working Style – Learn about your capacity to provide guidance, direction, vision and how to improve upon those skills to maximize your leadership role within the group and your company. Better understand the way/s your team, and the individuals in your group, need to speak and be heard.

  • Maximize Team Strength – Help each member of your team discover his/her personalized vision for success. This manual insures and validates the relevance of each person’s unique motivational style, enabling them to create an action plan for positive change in both their work and personal lives. You’ll find structured, coordinated ways to change your professional approach to team building, and also mix and match different exercises to fit the varying leadership needs of your group or company.

  • Achieve Better Group Outcomes – Learn a systematic methodology for helping achieve your most desired personal, professional and team outcomes – through these pages, you will tailor a customized approach to change, choose the most relevant exercises, set realistic goals and achieve tangible results. These are key features to maintaining your motivation, and that of your team, as you navigate immediate and long-term projects.

  • Sustain Group Performance – Once you’ve established an effective team, insure their ongoing motivation by utilizing the many exercises and programs offered in this manual. I also provide feedback schedules and modules designed to encourage steady progress toward individual and group goals.

  • Follow Quality-Driven Program - Your Leadership Institute Manual is a blend of curriculum, theory and experience. I have taken an experiential approach to leadership - offering pragmatic and practical tools, grounded in effective and long lasting practices. I have used and updated this manual consistently throughout my practice and it has been reviewed and highly acclaimed by colleagues in the field – you are holding one of the most comprehensive team building and leadership manuals in the business!

Modules and Assessments:

NOTE: All Assessment modules have in-depth resource materials as well as additional exercises.

Module 1:


1. Welcome to the Leadership Institute!
2. How to Have Your Vision Become Your Reality - creating vision, mission
and values that are in alignment for your organization

Module 2:

DISC Behavioral Assessment

Module 3:

Workplace Motivators Assessment

Module 4:


  • Listening – how to listen so others will talk
  • Confrontation – how to talk so others will listen
  • Win/Win Problem Solving – how to resolve conflicts so everyone wins
  • Resolving Values Collisions – how to choose options from least to most risk to the relationship

Module 5:


  • Coaching Techniques
  • Coaching to different styles

Module 6:


  • Effective Meeting and Group Management
  • Keeping Meetings Energized, Productive and Meaningful
  • Resolving Group Challenges
  • Group Exercises for warm-up, learning, sustained communications

Module 7:

Coping & Stress Assessment

Module 8:

Time Mastery Assessment

Module 9:

From Vision to Reality

  • Vision – what do you want in your life?
  • Current Reality – assessing the current reality of your life
  • Plan – closing the gap between vision and current reality
  • Accountability – setting benchmarks to monitor progress
  • Visualizations
  • Affirmations

Module 10:

Strategic Planning
Sample Facilitators Guide

1. The Goal Setting Process

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Actions
  • Skills
  • Results
  • Measurement
  • Key Elements of a Goal Statement

2. Action Planning Worksheet


Sample Program Agenda

Impact on Companies

“If you want to improve the skills of your organization's leaders, then this manual is a must have. At Storage USA, our employee surveys told us that our leaders needed to improve in their communication skills: listening, giving direction, coaching; and they needed to improve the way and frequency by which they recognized and rewarded their teams. Using the techniques taught in the Leadership manual, we improved our survey scores year over year in these areas.

Many of our leaders supervise dispersed workforces. It is vitally important that, anytime they get their teams together, this time is used productively and wisely. The facilitation skills taught in Susan Hastings' manual were just what our leaders needed to put them on the path to successful and impactful meetings. These are proven methods that work! I highly recommend Susan Hastings' methods and materials to anyone who wants to make an impact on the effectiveness of their organization's leadership.”

- Karen Langham
Storage USA

“Individuals and companies that fully engage in the process [offered by the Leadership Institute Manual] find that it makes a difference immediately. Personal lives and the lives of companies are transformed.”

- Peggy MacArthur,
Owner, LifeWork Associates, LLC

“[Susan offers] a well laid out tool for training leaders of today and the future…”

- Deborah S. Eibner,
MA, CCBC, CPC – Senior Trainer,
Dartmouth College Office of Human Resources

“I have participated in similar programs but never one with so much detail, so much concern and follow-through…this is the best, by far, that I have ever been a part of…”

- Elizabeth Sunde
Elizabeth Sunde Consulting

FRA Testimonial

"As the Training Officer for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), I was constantly searching for good leadership and team-building programs. When Susan (my business coach) told me about her Leadership Institute, I could hardly wait to bring it to the FRA. We challenged Susan to deliver a Leadership TEAM Institute (LTI), using the Leadership Institute (LI) as the foundation. Susan modified the LI materials and delivered the LTI to a headquarters division and a field region.

In both cases the results were (and still are) incredible. I watched barriers that had been in place for decades literally melt away. People saw one another in a different way; talked in a way they had never talked before, actually hearing (and sometimes respecting) one another for the first time.

Today, several years later, I still see them referring to the LTI manual and sharing it with others. I frequently refer to the manual to find ideas on ways to handle situations. Always, I find something there that is helpful; something that directly applies to the situation at hand.

When I talk with people about the LTI, I tell them that the difference in Susan's program and others is that the LTI deals with relationships as well as skills and the manual provide reference materials that are timeless. It has been my experience that when relationships are working, leadership skills are maximized. And when outstanding resource materials like the LTI Manual accompany the program, the impact is even more significant.

The return-on-investment for this program is truly more long-lasting than any program I've seen in my 37 years of working in the human resources field. The LTI is an amazing program that changes lives and makes a difference in organizations that will last for years!"

- Brenda Mahaffey
Training Officer for the Federal Railroad Administration

Free Enhancements:

Every Leadership Institute Manual includes -

  • One free hour of intensive coaching - to help customize the program and insure that goals are realistic and sustainable;

  • Sample Program Agenda – day and hourly two page agenda;

  • Sample Facilitators Guide - more indepth to help you understand the best ways to move your group through the process.


  1. $499 One copy with white vinyl binder & table of contents tabs (plus shipping & handling)
  2. $429 for 2-4 copies (plus shipping & handling)
  3. $399 for 5 copies (plus shipping & handling)
  4. $25 each for additional manual binders & table of contents tabs (plus shipping & handling)

Order both the Coaching and Leadership Institute manuals at the same time $549

Order both Coaching and Leadership Institute manuals CD's at the same time $499

To purchase the Coaching and Leadership Institute Manuals
together at a special package price, ==> click here <==

To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

Or email me at:

Recommended companion products:

These supplemental assessments can be helpful as you move into advanced facilitation
and performance leadership of your team
(==> please click here to contact me for pricing information <== ):

  • Disc Behaviour Assessment
  • Workplace Motivators Assessment
  • Time Mastery Assessment
  • Coping & Stress Assessment
  • Individual 360
  • Team 360
  • Organization Climate

To learn how to become a distributor for these assessments, email Susan
at to set up a time to talk.

Order your Creative Communications Center Leadership Institute Manual
and start reviving leadership in your workplace today!

To purchase the Coaching and Leadership Institute Manuals
together at a special package price, ==> click here <==

Creative Communications Leadership Institute Manual

To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

With white vinyl binder & table of contents tabs

US Delivery 1 copy at $499.00 (plus $15 shipping & handling)

NON-US Delivery 1 copy at $499.00 (plus $25 shipping & handling)

US Delivery 2-4 copies at $429.00 Each (plus $25 shipping & handling)

NON-US Delivery 2-4 copies at $429.00 Each (plus $40 shipping & handling)

US Delivery 5-10 copies at $399.00 Each (plus $25 shipping & handling)

NON-US Delivery 5-10 copies at $399.00 Each (plus $40 shipping & handling)

Additional Manual Binders

To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

With white vinyl binder & table of contents tab

US Delivery $25.00 Each (plus $5 shipping & handling)

NON-US Delivery $25.00 Each (plus $10 shipping & handling)

You Make "A Difference" Today!

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