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Susan Hastings, President, Creative Communications

Susan C. Hastings, President,
Creative Communications

Susan C. Hastings developed The Leadership Institute and The Leadership Team Institute to help YOU make a difference in your life and other's lives.

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Her unique approach has been instrumental in helping people work more effectively on their own as well as bringing people together for the good of an organization. Susan is committed to helping people increase their awareness and realize their potential by creating new ideas and options. A pioneer and visionary exploring the unknown herself, Susan combines the best of both traditional and non-traditional approaches and gently but powerfully encourages YOU to do the same.

Her expertise in the areas of communications,coaching, leadership, team building, facilitation, and management enables her to assist organizations in transforming their environments to become more effective and productive. Her commitment stems from the belief that organizations get the results and relationships they want when people are enrolled in the process of continuous improvement. Susan has people examine their personal and professional work styles and move beyond their present comfort zones. Her ability to engage participants in meaningful dialogue is critical to the overall success of her programs. Susan's experience in training, consulting, coaching and as a certified therapist encourages people to see beyond their limiting beliefs to create a vision for excellence. She inspires them to reach for more from their own lives and make a difference in the lives of others.

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